Streamlining Grower Settlements and Expense Allocation


Liquidations, also known as grower returns or grower statements, represent a crucial financial component in the fresh produce industry. These detailed reports calculate the amount due to a vendor after selling their consignment inventory, taking into account all applicable expenses, discounts, and credit notes. Accurate and efficient management of liquidations and expense allocation can be a daunting challenge for businesses. This is where Reserva steps in, providing a unique and comprehensive solution.

Integrated Traceability

Reserva employs a unique traceability mechanism that tracks inbound shipments (lots, pallets, manifests, AWB, files, trucks, vessels, etc.) across all internal operations, sales, and delivery. This meticulous tracking enables a clear and accurate view of inventory, ensuring that each item is accounted for throughout its journey in the supply chain.

Automatic Expense Allocation

The integrated costing and accounting system within Reserva automatically allocates both inbound (freight, customs inspections, cooling, sorting, grading, etc.) and outbound expenses (freight, cross-docking, etc.), providing a thorough cost basis. This automated system eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone manual process, enabling more accurate and efficient operations.

Sales Tracking and Costing

Reserva tracks all sales, deliveries, revenue collected, and any credit notes, along with returns or recalls which can be deducted from the liquidation payment. The system's integrated inventory module automatically allocates any repacking and re-grading to the respective lot, ensuring accurate costing at all times.

Flexible Payment Options

With Reserva, clients have the option to pay their suppliers based on the products they received or on the converted product. This flexibility ensures that businesses can prepare returns in a way that meets their grower preferences.

Automatic Liquidation Calculation

Liquidations are automatically calculated using Reserva's internal controls, ensuring that all lots are accounted for. This automated system allows businesses to make advance payments to growers, providing financial flexibility and fostering stronger business relationships.

Real-Time Reporting

Suppliers have the ability to check the status of their sales and liquidation reports in real time via the online portal. This immediate access to information increases transparency and trust, while also enabling suppliers to better manage their operations.


Reserva's comprehensive solution for liquidations and expense allocation addresses the complex challenges inherent in these processes. By providing advanced traceability, automatic expense allocation, flexible payment options, and real-time reporting, Reserva not only streamlines operations but also enhances financial accuracy and transparency in the fresh produce industry.