Reserva Business Consultant Internship Program

Job Description

Reserva is looking for an experienced sales professional to commercialize our suite of software and technology solutions for produce companies. 

In addition to the ERP software, Reserva offers services tailored to the produce industry such as market data, payments, foreign exchange, and marketplace matching. This position will be responsible for promoting these services to produce companies. The right candidate should have experience offering software or technology solutions to small and medium sized companies. Familiarity with the produce industry is a big plus. The position will be responsible for developing relationships with prospective buyers, understanding their needs and identifying opportunities to leverage Reserva’s services. The candidate will be expected to conduct outreach efforts through cold calling, email marketing, referrals, etc. to connect with prospective customers. The main objectives are to raise awareness of Reserva’s products, identify needs, and motivate prospects to schedule a consultation or demonstration session with our sales team. 

About Reserva

Reserva is a leading provider of ERP software for the produce industry, offering an extensive array of applications available in a cloud based, multi company, multi language platform.  We have 10 years of experience building enterprise software for the produce industry. We develop flexible solutions to support the entire supply chain of fresh commodities, from production to retail. Our mission is to be the most compelling enterprise software choice for agribusinesses, providing highly tailored solutions and active customer support. Our vision is to build the largest network of connected agribusinesses using our ERP and marketplace platforms. Reserva works with clients around the world, with a strong client base in the US and Mexico. We are building a global network of connected businesses to facilitate trade and provide food safety and traceability solutions.


  • You will be responsible for commercializing a portfolio comprimised of the following solutions:
    • Price Exchange Network: Reserva's market price solution to help produce businesses access real time market pricing information
    • Business Payment Solution: International and domestic payment solutions embedded in ERP 
    • Forex Payment Solution: Foreign exchange solution delivering fast payments at competitive FX rates.
    • Marketplace Services: Matching and marketing service connecting buyers and sellers in a life trading platform.
    • Enterprise Software Solution: ERP, inventory and order management solution for produce businesses
  • Prospect customers through own network and company provided resources. All prospecting is done remotely via cold calling, email marketing and referrals.
  • Assume ownership of Reserva's outreach program and the qualification program. 
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of agribusinesses' needs and successfully position Reserva as the leading solution. 
  • Develop an extensive understanding of the enterprise software market within the food/produce industry and how to consolidate Reserva as the leading provider, in particular for enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting systems, production, and traceability solutions. 
  • Manage Marketing Automation activities aimed at informing, engaging, and nurturing customers. 
  • Identify upgrade and upsell opportunities with existing Reserva customers
  • Expand Reserva's ERP footprint in the US and Mexico


  • 5+ years of sales experience to SME
  • 2 years of software sales or technology services experience
  • Familiarity with SaaS products for businesses such as ERPs, CRMs, or data management
  • Experience in sales development roles such as SDR or business development
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Bilingual: English and Spanish


  • Experience selling financial services such as lending, payments, FX or insurance products. 
  • Existing relations with companies in the produce industry 
  • Strong analytical skills (STEM background) 

Learn all the right skills, on the job.

Our development program aims to work with promising young talent and provide them with an alternative to traditional education. Instead of classroom teaching, candidates are taught in a real work settings, interacting with customers, vendors, and internal functional teams to solve problems. For those confident young individuals interested in learning, we want to give them an opportunity to earn their qualifications through actual work.
Want a better way to launch your career than the traditional college degree route? The Reserva Business Consultant Development Program is a unique opportunity to provide exceptional individuals with the right skills to be successful in the digital age.
As part of our 12-month international Reserva Business Consultant Development Program, you will undertake project assignments in various departments. Imparted as a one part internship, one part mentoring, and one part assignment program, the RBCD is designed to strengthen a candidate's formation. During your tenure you will be assigned to different departments within Reserva and an international subsidiary.
3:3:3 Program
During your development program, you will go through 3 segments carefully designed to give you the maximum exposure to practical business scenarios. The first segment is an internship program so we can get to know you better and allow you to familiarize yourself with Reserva and our business. The internship works like an extended mutual interview to explore whether there is a good fit and a shared passion for our business. After completing the internship track, you will be given the opportunity to choose an area of interest to focus on the following 3 months. Here you will start learning the required skills to perform those functions. You will work closely with a mentor who will support you and accelerate your learning curve. At the completion of the mentoring track, you will spend 3 months leading your own project in your chosen area of expertise. This unique approach will give you the opportunity to combine learning and practice iteratively. You will be given projects of your own, so that you can get to know the company's structures and processes and improve your ability to think and act in a joined-up way.
If you excel through out this program, you will be benefit from successive opportunities at Reserva and beyond our organization. First, you will have the option to join our company on a permanent basis in our offices in Madrid, Spain or Syracuse, NY with direct ownership of a functional business area. More importantly, this program will give you an intensive immersion in the world of technology, digital services, enterprise software, business process design, marketing, finance, ecommerce, and other areas of work. When you are ready to move beyond Reserva, you will have acquired a very valuable skillset that will enable you to build a career as a consultant.
Multilingual (English/Spanish)
Send us your CV to to apply.