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We are rooted in produce, just like you.

Connecting the agricultural industry with a trading platform and trade in real time.

Reserva was founded in 2009 to meet the needs of the small and medium-sized production companies. We are based in Syracuse, NY with offices in Madrid, Spain.

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Beyond Software

Reserva is the main platform dedicated to connecting producers with buyers. Our main objective is to make the supply chain of agricultural products be more efficient. This means working directly with the people and organizations directly involved in the production process and help them develop relationships with strategic buyers, closer to the consumer.

We provide a modern, flexible and based architecture on the web that allows companies to execute transactions faster and more efficiently. Our OMS is designed to provide tighter integration between clients and providers with a unified gateway to run and settle transactions. The OMS was built for high orders of frequency, ideally to obtain perishable foods from a variety of vendors. Best of all, homework back office such as book maintenance and billing they are fully automated. We help partners business partners develop stronger relationships by providing transparency, document traceability.

Welcome to the future of work in the produce industry.