Production and Harvest Planning

Integrated management of production and harvesting activities across fields and crops. 

Features: Focused on Productivity, Control, and Costing

Redundancy Integrated with Core System

Keep all your production transactions in synch with the rest of your company. Automatically record entries across the platform: accounting, inventory, labor, contracts, products. 

Fast Manage Employee Timesheets

Manage workforce and labor expenses directly related to your fields and crops. Manage shift schedules and timesheets for each employee. Create employee payments based on work done for a given period: days, weeks, months, etc. 

Pay Activity based Costing

Activity based costing helps keep a real time log of your transactions broken down by helpful categories. The log will help you keep track of costs as well as compliance records for sensitive tasks such as Nutrients Management and Pesticide Control. 

Compliance Inventory Control

Easily move products to the warehouse. The module includes its own warehouse locations which allows you to keep real-time inventory data across all your fields. We will also track your harvests, calculating yield as well as providing insightful analysis on your progress.

Pay Budgets and Expense Reports

Create budgets, track costs, activities and more at the field or crop level. You can delegate budgeting activities to your employees and provide final approval once the process is completed.

ProvenPost Harvest Treatment

Capture additional costs such as freight, sorting, washing, etc. Updates your product cost and it is linked with your accounting.


Agro planning and production is now much easier. With Harvester you get unprecedented production control tools, such as cost tracking, nutrients management, and more. Your field activity is also integreated in your ERP, so your upcoming harvests are easily integrated to your product catalog.

Advanced Weather Tracking

We record all weather patterns for your fields automatically. Using the coordinates of your field we can tally the amount of precipitation your fields are getting as well as record daily temperatures for you.